It is a type of auto racing where unmodified or very lightly modified production cars are used. All cars usually have a protective roll cage and run race tires. It is an economical and rules restricted version of touring car racing. Production car racing is also known as  showroom stock racing, street stock, pure stock, and U-car racing.

This car racing is intended to be really cheap because all engine modifications are not allowed. The cars used in production car racing does not have any age limit, meaning, cars as old as 50 years and as new as current body styles can join the race. Before qualifying for the race, car will be checked thoroughly. Also, all of the internal parts of the car will be weighed and measured. The number of parts will also be checked as well as the machine marks that would come naturally if the engine was blueprinted and balanced.

A range of racing events and classes was developed for production cars. Production car racing has given drivers access to high-performance motor sport at a much lower cost than the purpose-built racing cars used in Grand Prix racing. In British oval racing, the term Production car racing has been used as an 경마사이트 alternative for hot rods and a Production car world championship race was held twice in the 1970s. Read more…

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